Jeep Kenya Limited is a 4×4 vehicles car rental company that has more than decade experience of providing car hire in Kenya, Africa.  We offer long term 4×4 rentals and short-term 4×4 self-drive travel. If you wondering about road safety in Africa or the state of the roads in Kenya, worry no more. Our 4×4 Kenya jeeps can handle all kenyan roads where during the rainy seasons or the dry seasons. You will love the experience from the Nairobi airport to the Kenyan hotels in Nairobi or Mombasa and your drive to the wildlife national parks.

We offer the following vehicles:

  • 4×4 Toyota LandCruiser with rooftent in Kenya
  • 4×4 Toyota Hilux Double cab with double roof tent
  • Land rover defender with rooftent and camping equipments
  • Toyota Rav 4 with a single tent and camping equipment

Are you a good driver? An interested in going for a road trip using a 4×4 Kenya vehicle? Do you have a valid driving license and travel insurance, a Kenyan 4×4 vehicle self-drive safari is for you. Our 4×4 jeeps are there to cater for your preference. The 4×4 vehicles are reliable, well maintained, well equipped with roof top tents, sleeping bags, fridges and all camping equipment you wil need for your Kenya self-drive trip. If you need a Kenyan tour guide, we can provide you at a extra cost. But for self drive, its not a must. Have your tourist maps and GPS systems in place.

Book your 4×4 kenya self drive vehicle today for  memorable explorations and adventure in Kenya.


You might be planning to visit Kenya from your country. Citizens from different countries like America and United Kingdom have made their memories taking 4×4 self-drive safaris in Kenya using our 4×4 vehicles. There are many tourist destinations in Kenya like the Maasai Mara, the Mara Triangle and Tsavo National Park.

During your self drive trips, whether you are using our 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers or the powerful 4×4 Land Rover defender 110, you will encounter the real safari experience first hand as a tourist. This includes refueling at Kenya gas stations or petrol stations as we call them, visiting Kenyan supermarkets and the Kenya game parks and reserves. We offer comprehensive self-drive four-wheel drive car hire solution packages that enable visitor to explore Kenya and East Africa at their own on self-drive road trips.

The smaller compact 4×4 vehicles in Kenya are the toyota rav 4 and the Suzuki Escudo fit for honeymooners vacation in Kenya or students on holiday trips. Our well organized hassle-free four-wheel drive jeeps make your adventure memorable offering you ideal equipped 4WD vehicles for self-drive and camping safaris in Kenya and all East Africa.


4x4 jeep toyota landcruiser

The 4x4 landcruiser jeep is great for your 4x4 offroad self drive in Kenya. We offer 4x4 car  rental for with rooftop tent and full camping equipment.

Toyota hilux with two rooftents

4x4 toyota hilux double cab jeep

Toyota hilux 4wd double cab safari self-drive car hire nairobi kenya

4x4 Jeep Kenya landrover defender kenya 4x4 car hire

4x4 land rover defender 110

Land Rover Defender rugged off road self drive safari jeep. Defender self drive Safari road trip is the best way to experience Africa’s hidden nature trails. Go for vehicles that stands out from the crowd.

4x4 Jeep Kenya Rav 4 compact SUV Nairobi car hire services


Compact 4×4 Jeep SUVs Self-Drive Rav4 and Suzuki are able to go off road with a convenient ground clearance height good for wild game and site viewing. Suzuki and Toyota Rav4 have always been strong small size 4×4 performers.